Meet The Cast

Miesha Tate

as 'Jabs'


Miesha Tate is an American mixed martial artist who competes in the Ultimate Fighting Championship and is the current UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion after defeating Holly Holm in 2016. Fight Valley is her first feature film.

“Jabs” is the most feared and respected woman around Fight Valley. Facing financial struggles in her past, she had turned to the illegal fight club scene to earn enough money to survive. She quit fighting illegally 3 years ago and earning an honest living at her fathers old rustic gym. Her father was a great boxer and trained Jabs on their farm. Jabs began fighting on the street at just the early age of 8 . Now, years later, she finds herself training Windsor Coro and once again, finds herself back to the ol’ industrial park known as FIGHT VALLEY, to get revenge on the girl who killed Windsor’s sister.

Holly Holm

as 'Payton'


Holly Holm is an American mixed martial artist who competes in the Ultimate Fighting Championship bantamweight division. She is the former UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion, best known for defeating Ronda Rousey in “the biggest upset in UFC history.” She is also a former professional boxer and kickboxer.

Payton Walsh is the current mainstream champion in FIGHT VALLEY . When JABS (Miesha Tate) decides she is done with fighting on the street, she opens a gym and tries to fight in the main stream circuit. She comes up against the champion Payton Walsh (HOLLY HOLM) and lets just say, the fight doesn’t go the way JABS had predicted. Things get a little out of control when JABS is forced to try and fight by the rules. Payton Walsh is the first one ever to show JABS a REAL fight.

Cris "Cyborg"

as 'Church'


Cris “Cyborg” is a Brazilian mixed martial artist and former Strikeforce Women’s Featherweight Champion. She made her UFC debut in May 2016.

Everything about her spells danger. Church is the champion of FIGHT VALLEY after JABS retired from street fighting. Noone dares to speak her name in vein. It will get back to her, and they will pay…dearly. FIGHT VALLEY bookees Stakes and Gamble make a fortune off of her fights. When CHURCH is in the room, people adjust their attitudes really fast. They don’t want to be her next opponent. If your going to fight in FIGHT VALLEY, you can only go so far up the rank until its time to go to CHURCH, and they better get on their hands and knees and PRAY they leave the ring alive.

Susie Celek

as 'Windsor Coro'


Windsor is the sweet, privledged girl from Rye, NY with not even one mean bone in her body. After learning about her sister Tory’s untimely and suspicious death, she leaves her lavish lifestyle behind her to move to her sister’s hometown in Camden, NJ to investigate her death. Windsor finds herself quickly pulled into a life she would never imagine, and getting herself in a life-or-death situation she has to fight her way out of.

Chelsea Durkalec

as 'Tory Coro'


Tory lived in a not-so-nice part of town with her father Gino while her sister Windsor lived a lavish lifestyle in the suburbs. Tory found solace in her girlfriend nicknamed “Duke”, a fellow fighter and lover. Tory is tough, much tougher and street-smarter than Windsor. Tory turns to Stakes and Gamble (Fight Valley Bookees) to get her fights on the street so she can make ends meet and pay her bills. Tory had plans to move out of the slums and into a safer environment with her girlfriend Duke. Little did she know that her next fight would end all of those plans, as well as her life.

Erin O'Brien

as 'Duke'

Jabs Gym 1.Still004

Tory had 3 best friends,Yanni, Jamie, and Duke, known as the “Knockaround Girls”. Duke and Tory were a dedicated couple. Duke lived with Tory and her father due to losing her parents from a car accident many years ago. Duke is the leader of the group. The girls follow her decisions, turn to her for guidance and protection. She got her name from the many street fights she got into, dubbed as “duking it out”. Duke is not a fighter by career, but it’s not a choice you have living in the Fight Valley area.

Cabrina Collesides

as 'Jamie'


Jamie may not be the toughest in FIGHT VALLEY, only because she has actually never been in REAL bare-knuckle one on one fight. Jamie is known as the peace-maker and tries to solve issues on the street with her gift of negoitating, not throwing punches. However, living around FIGHT VALLEY , she has had her fair share of altercations, but she more or less allows herself to be protected by Tory, Duke , Yanni, and her male roomate “big brother” Neeko. Like her circle of friends, she is fiercely dedicated to the group, whom she thinks of as her family.


as 'Yanni'

kari 1

Yanni is the hard head of the group. She lacks fear, and is profoundly dedicated to her friends and constantly puts herself in harm’s way in order to protect them…even in a knowingly losing situation. Yanni follows one rule, friends come first, ice and bandaids later. Unlike her friends Jamie, Duke and Tory living a bi-curious lifestyle, Yanni remains straight…and like her friends, she’s tough as nails.